Get veINSUR and veNFT

By locking $INSUR, you receive veINSUR for governance rights and voting power.

Meanwhile, users can receive one veNFT for each staking instance. Additionally, the veNFTs act as representations of staked tokens and vouchers for future redemption.

The voting power acquired from various staking instances will be combined based on the user's furthest staking expiration date, ensuring that each veNFT can be redeemed for $INSUR without affecting the user's remaining voting power.

veNFTs are automatically burned after redemption.

Step 1: Navigate to the Governance page and connect wallet

Step 2: Select "Lock"

Go to veINSUR page (Governance → veINSUR)

Select "Lock"

Step 3: Input locked $INSUR amount

Step 4: Choose a lock period (up to 104 weeks)

Step 5: Check your veINSUR amount

You can find detailed information about the settlement process for veINSUR at

Step 6: Approve and confirm

For first-time stakers, a pop-up will appear requiring you to complete a token approval.

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