Vote Proposal

After approval by the Governance Council (GC), you can vote on a proposal.

Step 1: Navigate to the Governance page and connect wallet

Step 2: Navigate to Proposals Page

Go to the Proposals page(Governance → Proposals)

Step 3: Find the proposal to vote on

Step 4: Click "View" to access the proposal details

Step 5: Select and vote: "Accept," "Reject," or "Abstain"


  • Please remember to check the voting session duration, each proposal's voting duration is 3 days.

  • A proposal is valid only if participation (Quorum) exceeds 15%.

  • Users are eligible to vote only if they have locked their $INSUR tokens and acquired veINSUR before the commencement of each proposal voting session. Those who lock their tokens afterwards will be deemed ineligible.

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