Step 4: Check Proof of Assets

The circulating supply of $INSUR tokens should remain unchanged when bridging:

  • $INSUR tokens that transferred out from the Ethereum network are locked and the same number of pegged tokens on the destination network will be credited into the destination address.

  • To transfer $INSUR tokens back to the Ethereum network, pegged tokens will be locked on the originating network and the same amount of $INSUR tokens will be released on the Ethereum network.

Users can view and verify cross-chain transfer records of $INSUR and locked $INSUR tokens on the "Proof of Assets" page.

  • Select "Proof of Assets" under "Bridge".

  • The amount of $INSUR locked on Ethereum and the pegged amount of $INSUR on other networks will be displayed. Transactions can be viewed on the relevant blockchain explorers.

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