Service Integration

How to integrate with's services.

In order to bring its services to a wider community and allow users to access and use the service in a simple and easy way, has developed three (3) tools to help integrate the InsurAce dApp/API with other protocols.

👉 Front-end Service Integration

For experienced users and developers who wish to query data and integrate InsurAce at the front-end, the following set of APIs can help with making direct calls. For details and examples, please visit the API documentation below:

pageAPIs for service integration

👉 Smart Contract Integration

The smart contract ABI enables developers to interact with the InsurAce protocol in a more user-friendly manner through direct calls to the InsurAce protocol's smart contracts. Currently, the buy cover feature is supported. More functions will be added soon. For details and examples, please visit:

👉 UI Integration

For users and developers who wish to build and embed's services on their UI interface, here is a detailed illustration of how to set the relevant parameters and customize the link:

pageUI integration

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