InsurAce Protocol
Refer & Earn Program
Invite friends to use InsurAce services and both of you will get $INSUR rewards.
In order to bring the cover products and services to a wider audience, has created this Refer & Earn program to encourage users to invite friends to use InsurAce services and get $INSUR tokens as rewards for their effective sharing.
Referal & Earn Program Entry​

Rewards & Rules

  • Invite friends to buy covers. Every time your friends successfully buy covers using your referral link or code, both of you will get $INSUR rewards amount to 5% of the premium for the covers purchased.
Note: If you want to earn more, you may contact the team directly via telegram/discord/email to negotiate on the reward rate. The Protocol is happy to offer higher rebates to those who help the project grow further.

How to participate

To participate, please visit the referral page below. Follow the instructions on the page to get your referral link/code. Share to your friends, Earn together!
For users/project teams who wish to promote some specific cover products, and build customized links to embed them in your websites/apps, please read the tutorial below on how to customize your referral link so your audiences can directly go to the cover shopping cart with the specific products.