Refer & Earn Program

Invite your friends to use's services and earn $INSUR rewards together.

Click Referral & Earn Program Entry to begin participating in's referral program.

Rewards & Rules

  • Invite friends to buy covers. Every time your friend successfully purchases a cover using your referral link or code, both you and your friend will get $INSUR token rewards of up to 5% of the Cover's price.

Note: To earn more, kindly contact directly via telegram/discord/email to negotiate for a higher rebate rate. The InsurAce protocol is happy to offer higher rebates to those who help the project grow further.

How to participate

To participate, please visit the referral page below. Follow the instructions on the page to get your referral link/code.

For users/project teams who wish to promote specific cover products and embed the referral link on your websites/apps, kindly refer to the tutorial below.

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