Advisory Board

The Advisory Board shall only make a Claim Investigation Report containing the Advisory Board’s investigation findings, draw a conclusion, and make a payout proposal in respect of valid claims.

In the event the Claim Assessors failed to reach consensus, or there is an absence of Valid Votes, or the Claimant has Appealed his or her Claim, notwithstanding anything in the Cover terms to the contrary, the Advisory Board reserves the right and has sole and absolute discretion to make a final and conclusive determination on all matters in relation to any Claim or Appeal, including but not limited to the following:

  • whether the Claim or Appeal has been fully substantiated with sufficient proof of loss and proof of ownership for the InsurAce protocol to make a Cover Payout under the Terms;  

  • whether Claimable Loss was suffered in relation to a Claimable Risk Event; 

  • whether a Claimable Risk Event is considered to have occurred; and

  • whether the Claim or Appeal will be approved for Claim Payout, in part or in whole, or any ad-hoc or customized claim settlement plan as the Advisory Board deems fit.

Kindly read the terms and conditions of each cover before purchase to understand the full scope of the Advisory Board’s role in determining claims.

The current Advisory Board consists of experts from various fields:

  • Sum Wei: InsurAce CTO

  • Jimmy Yuen: Insurance Expert

  • Kenneth Oh: Legal & Compliance Expert

  • Leo (FIA): Insurance Expert

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