What is InsurAce.io
Product concept and positioning
InsurAce.io is the leading decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol that provides reliable, robust and secure DeFi insurance services to the DeFi users. InsurAce.io not only guarantees unbeatable portfolio premiums but also offers sustainable investment returns. InsurAce.io positions itself in a necessary complementary role to the immense and expansive DeFi world rather than as a challenger.

Unique Selling Proposition

To answer the strong market demand and fill the market gap in portfolio protection, the team introduces this Defi insurance protocol, which marries portfolio-based insurance with investment products. This concept has further evolved into an ecosystem with four unique selling propositions: "0" Premium, Enriched Product Line, SCR Mining and Sustainable Return.

"0" Premium

InsurAce.io reduces the premium for the insurance product by design. Our team designs portfolio-centric products to embrace risk diversification. We have also developed unique pricing models to optimize the cover cost, leveraging our advisors’ expertise in the insurance domain. Furthermore, the investment utilities complement the cover cost to offer ultra-low premiums, which are close to zero at their best.

Enriched Product Line

Unlike the single protocol-based insurance coverage of other insurance platforms, InsurAce.io offers a unique portfolio-based insurance product to enable coverage of a basket of DeFi protocols, which creates a diversified risk management tool for DeFi investors.
Despite the fact that Ethereum is the dominating public blockchain for DeFi protocols, other public blockchains have also stepped up with successful DeFi projects. InsurAce.io offers products that cover these non-Ethereum DeFi protocols to benefit the decentralized space as a whole.
InsurAce.io plans to expand the product accessibility to a broader audience by removing the KYC process. Anyone with a digital wallet can connect with the platform and fairly utilize the services such as buying cover, staking assets, making claims, and more.

SCR Mining

InsurAce.io features a distinctive SCR mining program. The participants earn $INSUR tokens by staking into the mining pool.
The mutual capitals injected through staking will be managed with rigorous risk control models to adjust the Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) dynamically and use the secured free capital for investment to control the mining speed accordingly.

Sustainable Returns

The low investment return has been a significant challenge for Nexus Mutual since its capital return for the capital pool providers is sliced from their premiums, which are relatively low compared to the benchmark yield on lending and borrowing platforms Compound and Aave. Such low returns will impede the capital injection into the capital pool and worsen other issues such as high premiums and limited capacity.
With InsurAce.io, customers will be able to gain returns in many ways, including
  1. 1.
    investing directly in the investment products per their risk appetite,
  2. 2.
    staking in the mutual pool to get the investment carries and $INSUR tokens as rewards,
  3. 3.
    enjoying shares of the premium income.
We believe such a design will benefit both the insured and insurers in a sustainable way.

Continuous Evolution

Besides having the above features as our core competencies, InsurAce.io will continuously refine processes to better cater to customer needs, such as:
  • Handling claim assessments quantitatively instead of simply Accepting or Rejecting
  • Providing extensions, incrementals, or transferring capabilities to existing covers
  • Collaborating with other DeFi protocols to form an ecosystem that provides cross insurance, insurance syndication, and more
  • Expanding coverage to more specific risk types such as oracle malfunction, asset volatility, flight delay, disaster, and more

Business Model

InsurAce.io provides two interoperably functional arms similar to the traditional insurance company: the insurance arm and the investment arm.
The insurance arm maintains reserve pools which maintain the solvency for claim coverage based on risk exposure. The investment arm maintains investment pools that generate carry to subsidize claims and attracts investors with risk appetite. The free capital in the insurance capital pool can be placed into the investment pool to gain a higher yield, while the insurance arm will protect the investment activities. Meanwhile, the investment arm's yield will complement the premium on the insurance side and reduce the cover cost for customers.
With these two arms interoperating with each other, InsurAce.io is able to provide "0" premium insurance and considerable investment return in such a synergetic manner, forming a sustainable business model.
business architecture
Using the above model, InsurAce.io generates revenue from the insurance premium and carries from the investment returns. The revenues will be used in operation and development costs, token buybacks, community incentives, ecosystem collaborations and more.


The following key components are vital to making the InsurAce.io concept a reality:
  • Products Design: to provide an enriched product line
  • Capital Provision: to inject liquidity into the mutual pool and investment vaults
  • Investment: to generate investment yield for customers and further lower cover cost
  • Pricing Models: to design professional pricing methodologies which will lower the cover cost effectively
  • Claim Assessment: to handle the claim requests from the cover buyers
  • Governance: to adopt DAO as the primary governance mechanism for product development, claim assessment, community proposals, token distribution, and more. Meanwhile, we will also convene an Advisory Committee to handle the contingency plan's exceptions to safeguard the insurance business.
  • SCR Mining: to manage the capital pool according to capital requirements and control the speed of liquidity mining
  • Risk Management: to evaluate the risk of protocols onborading as well as manage the whole risk of the platform