Launch APP & Connect Wallet
Get started with InsurAce dApp

Launch InsurAce App

Visit, then click Launch APP in the top-right corner.
The page will be redirected to InsurAce App

Connect your wallet

Click Connect Wallet in the top-right corner
Choose the network and the wallet, then click Confirm
Note: To install and set up the network on MetaMask, please read MetaMask Installation and Setup.
Once successfully connected, your wallet address and the network you are currently connected to will be displayed in the right upper corner

Switch Network

Click the Network Dropdown button in the top-right corner, and select the network you wish to switch to.
  • If you are using WalletConnect or other mobile wallets
  • Open your mobile wallet APP and switch to the respective network.
  • Click to "Close" the pop-up window
  • Click "Connect Wallet" to connect to the new network
Click to "Close"
Click "Connect wallet" to connect to the new network
  • If you are using the browser extension
  • For MetaMask wallet, simply click "Switch to XXX Mainnet" on the pop-up window and then click "Switch network" to approve MetaMask to auto-switch for you.
  • For other browser extensions (eg. Coin98), open the Coin98 browser extension and switch to the respective network, click to "Close" the pop-up window and click "Connect Wallet" to connect to the new network.
Click to "Close"
Click "Connect Wallet" to reconnect to the new network