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How to get protocols listed and covered on

Submit Application Request

Protocols that wish to be listed on in order to get covered, and community members who want to recommend new projects for to cover, should submit a request by following the link below:

🚀 Protocol Coverage Request Form

Please only submit the application if the project meets the minimum requirements below:

1.) Has launched for at least one month

2.) Minimum TVL: 10M

The request will be reviewed upon receipt, after which will determine whether or not to proceed with said request.

In the event proceeds with a request, the team will contact with the protocol's team to request for the information needed to perform an in-depth risk assessment.

Prior to any listing, a partnership with the protocol to be listed will be announced on's official channels so that users of both the protocol and the InsurAce protocol will be aware of the new cover offerings.

For any further questions on's listing process, kindly reach out at for support.

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