Risk Transfer Cover


Please note that the summary below only briefly outlines some key terms of the Risk Transfer Cover. Purchase of the Risk Transfer Cover amounts to acceptance of the full terms and conditions in InsurAce's Risk Transfer Cover Wordings.

A. Cover Scope


  • Protects Amulet against specific product claims affecting the cover purchaser subject to the product's terms, conditions, duration, limitations, and exclusions.

Exclusions that apply:

  • any product claim in relation to losses which are excluded by the terms and conditions of the product subject to this cover

  • the actions of any person whose intention is to receive an improper financial gain under this cover

  • any negligent, fraudulent, dishonest or criminal act or omission by the cover purchaser (including any employee of the cover purchaser)

  • any willful violation or breach of any applicable laws or regulations by the cover purchaser

  • taxes, loss of tax benefits, or fines or penalties imposed by law.

B. Claim Process

Step 1: File claim on the InsurAce dApp. Please be aware that:

  • Claims can only be filed in respect of a product claim that is valid under the product's terms and conditions

Step 2: The Advisory Board makes a claim investigation report and payout proposal.

Step 3: The claim is voted on by the claim assessors or decided by the Advisory Board in the absence of quorum or consensus. If the claim is determined by claim assessor votes, the claimant shall have 72 hours to appeal the claim to the Advisory Board.

Step 4: The decision is released, followed by claim payout if any.

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