General Guide

A step-by-step guide on filing claims

Submit Claim Request

  • On the dApp's main page, click My Records-> My Covers.

  • Click the claim icon for the cover you wish to make a claim submission.

  • Enter your claim details. Please note that only payouts for actual losses, capped by the remaining balance of your Cover Amount, will be made.

  • Describe the claim and send all the proof of loss and ownership to

Claims without sufficient proof of loss and ownership are automatically deemed invalid and rejected.

  • Please refer to Proof of Loss & Ownership for a brief overview of the necessary evidence required to support your claim. Detailed proof of loss and ownership relevant to each Cover are set out in their respective Cover Wordings.

  • Please check all of your information prior to clicking "Confirm".

  • Now that you've submitted your claim, please wait for the Claim Accessors or Advisory Board to determine your claim. You can find out more about the entire process at Claim Assessment Process.

Check Claim Status

You can check the status of your claim and payout (if any) under My Records --> My Claims.

Cancel Claim

Users are eligible to cancel the claim and get the full refund of claim fees before before the community voting starts.

  • Navigate to My Records --> My Claims

  • Click the bin icon for the claim you wish to cancel

Click Confirm

Approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the cancellation.

Withdraw Payout

If your claim is approved, you can withdraw your payout by clicking Withdraw.

Enter the amount to be withdrawn and select "Confirm".

Approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the transfer and enjoy your payout.

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