Use Cases
How to participate and make gains! covers enormous use cases. We will elaborate on the three most typical cases for ordinary users and one platform-level use case to illustrate how works.

Bob as an Investor

Bob invests assets via the investment portal by choosing the investment portfolio with different risk and return appetites as an investor. His investment will be covered by an almost “0” cost insurance, and he will gain investment returns and INSUR token as incentives.

Mary as an Insurer

As an insurer of the mutual, Mary stakes assets into the mutual insurance pool and gains $INSUR tokens as incentives according to the SCR mining and investment returns.

Jack as an Insuree

As an insurance customer, Jack enters through the insurance portal to buy single or multiple insurance covers, get INSUR tokens as incentives, and request claims when the policy is triggered.

The Synergy between the two Arms

Investors, insurers, and insured will benefit from the interactions between the investment and insurance arms at the platform level.
  • The insurance arm provides coverage to the investment arm
  • The free capital in the insurance pool will be used for investment, which is managed by the investment arm
  • The investment yield will be returned to the insurance side to incentivize the insurers and insureds
typical use cases
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