Get covered and make gains together. plans to carefully invest any free capital in excess of what is needed to secure its SCR in other DeFi products to gain investment returns.

The investment function will be similar to Yearn Finance, through which effective investment strategies can be designed and implemented. Investors can invest their assets through the InsurAce protocol's Investment Arm or provide underwriting capital through the Cover Arm which also earns yield on free capital for the underwriters. Assets invested will be covered by the Cover Arm. Furthermore, a small portion of investment returns generated through the Investment Portal will be used to contribute to the InsurAce protocol's capital reserves to finance Cover Payouts (if any), and lower prices for Cover Purchasers, thereby creating a secure and sustainable investment cycle for the InsurAce protocol's stakeholders.

Some potential investment plans that may be considered:

  • Yield farming on audited protocols.

  • Supplying liquidity to lending protocols such as Compound to earn interest.

  • Supplying liquidity to DEXs such as Uniswap to earn fees.

  • Other eligible investment strategies.

The investment portal is still under development and will be launched soon. Please stay tuned for further updates.

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