• Please note that while InsurAce.io aims to adhere to the Solvency II capital requirement as part of its capital model, purchase of any coverage does not guarantee full Cover Payout of all losses on the protected assets, in particular, if there are insufficient staked assets in the capital pool.

  • InsurAce.io is not licensed or regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore or any regulator in any jurisdiction.

  • All Covers provided through InsurAce.io are not contracts of insurance. The Covers only offer discretionary protection to Cover Purchasers. The Advisory Board and the Claims Assessors have full and final discretion on whether or not a claim is approved for a successful payout.

  • While the InsurAce.io website can be accessed worldwide, not everyone should or is invited or asked to access the website. As such, the information provided and the products and/or services accessible through the website are respectively only intended for use by any person in any country where such access and/or use would not be contrary to local law or regulation. If you choose to access the website from any location then you do so on your own initiative and at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to ascertain the terms of use and comply with any local law or regulation to which you are subjected to.

  • Visitors accessing the website should seek advice from an independent financial adviser or other professional adviser regarding the suitability of the products on the InsurAce protocol before making any purchase. The InsurAce protocol does not take into account of any personal investment objectives, specific investment goals, specific needs or financial situation and makes no representation and assumes no liability to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided here.

  • The information and publications are not intended to be and do not constitute financial advice, investment advice or any other advice or recommendation of any sort.

  • $INSUR are cryptographic utility tokens for use to access the functionalities of the InsurAce protocol and related use cases which include voting on proposal and community governance such as claim assessment and as mode of payment of incentives for capital provision to the capital pool and participation in other community activities.

  • Therefore, $INSUR tokens should not be identified or construed as a security or financial instrument of any kind and any potential acquirer of $INSUR tokens should only acquire $INSUR tokens for the intended utility and in such quantities as will actually be used by such acquirer to access the functionalities of the InsurAce protocol and related use cases.

  • $INSUR tokens are not intended for sale, distribution and/or use by Excluded Persons. Accordingly, Excluded Persons should not purchase, acquire and/or use $INSUR Tokens and/or the InsurAce protocol.

  • “Excluded Persons” refers to the following person(s) : (1) a person who is a citizen, domiciled in, resident of, or physically present / located in an Excluded Jurisdiction; (2) a body corporate: (a) which is incorporated in, or operates out of, an Excluded Jurisdiction, or (b) which is under the control of one or more individuals who is/are citizen(s) of, domiciled in, residents of, or physically present / located in, an Excluded Jurisdiction; (3) an individual or body corporate included in United Nations Consolidated List (accessible at https://www.un.org/securitycouncil/content/un-sc-consolidated-list); and/or (4) an individual or body corporate which is otherwise prohibited or ineligible in any way, whether in full or in part, under any laws applicable to such individual or body corporate from purchasing, acquiring and/or using $INSUR tokens and/or the InsurAce protocol.

  • “Excluded Jurisdiction” means any of the following jurisdictions : (a) the People’s Republic of China; (b) the United States of America; (c) a jurisdiction identified by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for strategic AML/CFT deficiencies and included in FATF’s listing of “High-risk and Other Monitored Jurisdictions” accessible at http://www.fatfgafi.org/publications/high-risk-and-other-monitored-jurisdictions; and/or (d) a jurisdiction in which the sale, distribution and/or use of $INSUR tokens and/or the InsurAce protocol would (i) constitute an offering of securities or capital markets products; and/or (ii) would be subject of regulation and/or licensing.

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