Step 3: View Bridging Status

You can view bridging records and status on the "My Transactions" page.

  • After successfully completing a Bridge Request, you will be redirected to the "My Transactions" page, or you can visit the same simply by selecting "My Transactions" under "Bridge".

A list of Bridge Requests you have made will be displayed.

For each Bridge Request, two transactions need to be completed:

  • Withdrawal from the origin network and

  • Deposit in the destination network

Once both transactions have succeeded, the Bridge Request's Status will change from "Pending" to "Successful".

Cross-chain transfer duration depends on blockchain network confirmation time for both the originating and receiving networks. The number of network confirmations is set our below:


No. of block confirmations

Estimated time



10 mins



10 mins

The process may take more time during periods of congestion and high network activity. You can also use the TxID (Transaction ID) provided to track the status of your transfers.

You should receive the bridged tokens in your designated wallet once the bridging status is successful.

If you encounter any problems in transferring the tokens, please contact InsurAce through Telegram, Discord, or email the TxID, transfer amount, and transfer timestamp.

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