Data Publications

Maintaining a transparent ecosystem. is a decentralized mutual with many participants, partners, and other interested parties and as such, it is important for the InsurAce protocol to remain transparent for its many stakeholders. Given the traceability and immutability of blockchain technology, all transaction data can be retrieved from a public distributed ledger, therefore enabling to be 100% transparent with its operations. has disclosed the following non-exhaustive list of information on its website:

  1. Transaction data of cover products.

  2. Key metrics for the capital model, such as the SCR, SCR%, staking pool size, etc.

  3. Pricing models parameters.

  4. Investment plans, executions, and income.

  5. Platform operational cost and income.

  6. Claims process and execution.

  7. Community proposals and governance.

  8. Liquidity mining details.

  9. Token issuances and distributions.

Although cannot always guarantee the accuracy of any of the above information provided, nonetheless the InsurAce protocol strives to ensure that its users always gets the best and most up-to-date information available.

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