Advisory Board
Roles and responsibility of the Advisory Board
Assessing whether a claim is legitimate may be a challenging task for Community Claim Assessor. Therefore, before entering into the community voting session, the Advisory Board will investigate and verify the case based on the materials submitted by the applicant and other available information. The Advisory Board will then make a Claim Reference Report presenting the investigation findings and analysis to serve as reference advice for community Claim Assessor. In the event that there is a dispute or no consensus could be reached through voting, the Advisory Board will then take the responsibility and have the sole discretion in making the final decision.
The current Advisory Board members are selected by the team, containing experts from various fields:
  • Sum Wei: InsurAce CTO
  • Dennis Song: Security Expert
  • Kenneth Oh: Legal & Compliance Expert
  • Leo (FIA): Insurance Expert
Since is still at a relatively early stage of development, the members of the Advisory Board are mandated by the Team to bootstrap the whole business cycle. However, the selection process will gradually be decentralized via community governance.
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