A step-by-step guide on how to do liquidity mining on Pangolin
Pangolin allows token holders to add liquidity to pools and earn transaction fee. By adding liquidity, you receive PGL tokens, which is a representation of your ownership of the pool. With our partnership with Pangolin, liquidity owner can further stake their PGL to Pangolin farm to earn PNG tokens.
Below are the steps on how to do liquidity farming:

Step 1: Add Liquidity to INSUR/AVAX pool

  • Enter the amount of INSUR and AVAX you wish to add
  • Approve and select "Confirm Supply," and confirm the transaction.

2. Deposit PGL Tokens

  • Visit INSUR/AVAX farm on Pangolin
  • Enter the amount of PGL tokens you wish to deposit
Click "Approve" and sign the transaction then click "Deposit" and confirm the transaction.
  • You will find your liquidity added after the transaction succeeded. Now you can start to earn PNG with high APY!
Last modified 3d ago