Apply to be Listed

This section illustrates on how protocols can apply to be listed and get covered on InsurAce

Submit Application Request

For protocols that wish to be listed on InsurAce and get insured, or community members who want to recommend new projects for InsurAce to cover, please submit a request by the link below:

Protocol Coverage Request Form

After we receive the request, InsurAce team will pre-check the information first, and decide whether to proceed or not.

To proceed, we will contact the protocol team to ask for the necessary information in order to perform an in-depth risk assessment. InsurAce team will work together with community members to run a thorough risk assessment on the protocol from multiple levels, give a security rating and decide on the premium level. Read more for our Security Rating Methodology. Therefore, the project team member please fill the Risk Assessment Form provided to you with truthful and substantial information.

Normally we hope to announce a partnership with the protocol before officially listing, which will be mutual beneficial for both the protocol and InsurAce.

If you have any issue with this, kindly send emails to [email protected] for support.