A step-by-step guide on how to do liquidity mining on SushiSwap
Liquidity mining will require getting INSUR token first. You can buy INSUR from the CEX and DEX listed here and use our Official Bridge to bridge INSUR to Ethereum or Polygon network.
SushiSwap allows token holders to add liquidity to pools and earn transaction fee. By adding liquidity, you will receive liquidity token (SLP), which is a representation of your ownership of the pool. With our partnership with SushiSwap, liquidity owner can further stake their SLP tokens to SushiSwap farm to earn SUSHI. Please refer to this doc for more details about SushiSwap yields farming.
SushiSwap has created 2 farms for
  • INSUR/WETH on Ethereum network to earn SUSHI
  • USDC/INSUR on Polygon network to earn SUSHI and MATIC
Below are the steps on how to do liquidity farming for USDC/INSUR (Same steps for INSUR/WETH):

Step 1: Choose Network

  • Visit and connect your wallet.
  • Click the network icon in the top-right corner and select the network
  • Select "Polygon" for USDC/INSUR or "Ethereum" for INSUR/WETH

Step 2: Add liquidity to selected farm

  • Click "Farm" on the menu at the top
  • Click "All Farms" on the left menu
  • Search for "INSUR" and select "USDC/INSUR" pool
  • Under the Liquidity tab, enter the amount of USDC and INSUR you want to add
  • Check the information, click "Confirm Supply," and confirm the transaction.

Step 3: Deposit SLP Tokens

  • Select "Staking" tab under Manage Position and enter the amount of SLP you received in step 2.
  • Approve and click "Confirm Deposit"
  • You will find your liquidity added after the transaction succeeded. You can start to earn SUSHI with high APY.

Last modified 16d ago