Make a Claim
A step-by-step guide on how to make a claim

Step 1: Submit Claim Request

Note: The Claim request must be submitted during the Cover Period or within 15 days after the Cover expires. Any claim request raised thereafter is invalid and will not be accepted.
  • On the APP main page, click Insurance --> Active Covers or Expired Covers
  • Click Claim for the cover you wish to make a claim request
  • Enter the claim details. Please note that will only pay for the actual losses maximum up to Cover Amount.
  • Describe the claim and provide proof of loss.
  • You can Click Proofs to check for what is Proof of Loss required.
  • Supplementary documents please send to [email protected]
  • You are required to provide us with truthful pieces of information, otherwise your claim will be rejected. Confirm all the information, then click Submit
  • Now you've submitted a claim. Please wait for our Claim Accessors and Advisory Board to make the final decision. Find more about our Claim Assessment Process.

Step 2: Check Claim Status and Withdraw

  • You can check your claim status under Insurance --> My Claims
  • Once your claim is approved, you can withdrawal the payout by clicking Withdraw
  • You are also able to check your claims and withdraw under Dashboard -> My Claims -> Withdraw
  • Enter the amount, and click Confirm.
Once the transaction completes, congrats, you can then check the amount in your wallet!
Last modified 3mo ago