Make a Claim
A step-by-step guide on how to make a claim

Step 1: Submit Claim Request

  • On the APP main page, click My Records-> My Covers
  • Click Claim icon for the cover you wish to make a claim request
  • Enter the claim details. Please note that will only pay for the actual losses maximum up to Cover Amount.
  • Describe the claim and send all the proof to [email protected]
Claims without sufficient proof of loss will be considered as invalid and will be rejected without proceeding to the community voting.
  • You can click Proofs checklist to check for the Proof of Loss required.
  • Confirm all the information, then click Confirm
  • Now you've submitted a claim. Please wait for our Claim Accessors and Advisory Board to make the final decision. Find more about our Claim Assessment Process.

Step 2: Check Claim Status and Withdraw

You can check your claim status and payout under My Records --> My Claims

Direct Payout

Once your claim is approved, you can withdraw the payout by clicking Withdraw
Enter the amount and click confirm.
Approve the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction completes, congrats, you can then check the amount in your wallet!